Friday, September 25, 2009

Lots of Changes this Year for Technology!

Many exciting changes have been happening in the world of technology for Torrey Pines Elementary! With the district initiative towards technology integration, I will be spending more time in the classrooms helping to integrate technology and less time in the computer lab. Students will soon be using new district equipment purchased with Prop S Funding (due to arrive in October for Grade 3) and will also use Foundation purchased laptops to work on technology projects in their classrooms. I have been busy so far this year holding a staff development workshop on technology projects for the teachers, providing one-on-one assistance in teacher website building plus performing yearly maintenance on laptops and computer lab stations.

Here is a brief summary of what went on in the computer lab during the first week of rotations:

Grade 1: Students were introduced the lab then received instruction on using the mouse (left click, right click, double click). Following their introduction, students had a chance to practice their skills using a program called Students were introduced to basic computer terminology such as desktop and icons.

Grade 3: Third grade students will focus on learning to type this year in the computer lab. Students were introduced to the keys typed by the left and right pointer fingers (12 keys in all)! The children practiced typing with the left and right pointer fingers along with a song.