Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 1

So glad to be back at our wonderful school! Many thanks to Natacha Hosy and Andrea Dahlberg for filling in while I was out. Jumpstarted the week troubleshooting several technical problems: laptop hardware problem for Mr. Devore, laptop cart printer setup and problems, laptop virus problem for Ms. Gonzales, printer setup for Ms. Parker, document scan formatting for Ms. Isom.

Enough tech support talk! Here is a summary of what students in grades 3-5 have been up to in the computer lab.

Grade 3: Computer lab rules were reviewed and students used the internet to perform research for their American Indian reports. They also had a chance to practice their keyboarding skills using Type to Learn software.

Grade 4: Students started a project based on the 4th grade science curriculum topic - Magnets and Electricity. Students had a quick review of the Powerpoint software and started creating a quiz game to help them review what they have learned in their classrooms. Students are loving this project!

Grade 5: Gearing up for creating research reports in class, students created a bibliography entry for a website from a real online source. Students learned that although it is important to identify the source for your research, finding the information needed to create bibiography entries is not always simple.

5th Dimension After-School Program: After-school students continued computer based learning activities. Several 4-5th graders got hooked on a directing a robot using programming type commands.