Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 6

The TPES technology committee met this week to discuss the school technology plan as well as brainstorm ideas to increase use of the laptop carts in the classrooms. The laptop cart was used this week by Mr. Devore and Mr. Ramirez.

Grade 3: Students started making “States” trading cards in Microsoft Word. This week students learned to make a table as well as modify the sizes and color of different rows of the table. The project will continue next week with inserting auto-shapes into the table, using Google Images to search for photos, inserting the images into table cells and creating text boxes. Students practiced saving word documents into their individual folders under My Documents.

Grade 4: Student in Grade 4 continued to work on creating their Explorer’s webpages. This week students continued to research and compose text for their webpages. Some classes started building their webpage.

Grade 5: Students worked with their partner to record their podcasts using Audacity software. After recording podcasts, students had a chance to mix in an intro soundclip. Students enjoyed exploring the different effects that could be added to make their productions sound professional such as fading out the intro music. Listen to the 5th grade podcasts, by clicking on the 5th grade podcast listening link. Completed podcasts are also available for download from the 5th grade dropio site: http://dropio/grade5computerlab/login.