Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 15

The laptop cart again was again buzzing with activity during Open House week. The digital story project for Ms. Nieto’s class was completed in time for Open House. Parents just loved seeing the results. Mr. Devore’s and Mr. Ramirez’s classes began creating a Revolutionary War Powerpoint projects. Ms. White’s class finished making their storybooks using the laptop cart.

Grade 3: Students completed typing and formatting their friendly letters. This was the last meeting of Grade 3 students for the year. Outside of computer lab time, students in Ms. Jabbour's class came to the lab to type and format papers they had written in class.

Grade 4: Students continued to practice their typing using the Sponge Bob Typing software. Proper keyboarding technique was stressed throughout the lesson.

Grade 5: Students received brush-up instruction on creating a Powerpoint and were also introduced to some of the advanced animation features that could be included in Powerpoint presentations. Students created a short Powerpoint on themselves that they shared with fellow classmates.