Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week 16

The laptop carts continue to be in high demand with Mr. Ramirez's fifth grade class using the laptops to create Powerpoint presentations on the Revolutionary War and Mr. Serafin's second grade class utilizing the laptops to turn their animal reports into Powerpoint presentations.

This week was the last week of rotations taking place in the computer lab for the 2008-2009 academic year. Here is a summary of what each grade worked on in the lab this week.

Grade 3: Students in grade 3 completed typing and editing their friendly letters. Remaining computer time was spent practicing keyboarding technique.

Grade 4: Students in grade 4 typed and edited friendly letters. Grade 4 students also worked on increasing keyboarding speed.

Grade 5: Students in grade 5 were introducted to a number of technology terms such as wikis, twitter and basics such as hardware and software. The remainder of the 45 minute class period was composing and edited a friendly letter.