Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 17, 2009-2010

The era of technology being integrated into the curriculum at TPES is definitely here. Students in Mrs. Baniaga, Mr. Kent, Mr. Devore, Ms. Randi and yearbook club used the laptops this week. Mrs. Baniaga's and Mr. Kent's classes used the laptops to finish a project in Comic Life related to their states report research. Ms. Randi's class used the laptops to type their persuasive essays and Ms. Saldivar's class used the laptops to start their Comic Life bartering comics.

Grade 1: Students in grade 1 completed their friendship quilts this week in the computer lab. Students really enjoyed this project and received plenty of practice typing their names as well as typing short messages to their classmates.

Professional Development: I was fortunate to attend an all day conference this week on Technology Integration into the curriculum. The conference, sponsored by Intel and HP, absolutely was fantastic. Not only did I learn plenty from the formal presenters of the conference, but I was also able to exchange ideas and information with fellow conference attendees. It was a very enlightening day!