Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 18, 2009-2010

The main project going on for technology for the past 2 weeks has been creating a video for the IVIE contest. The IVIE video contest is put on each year by the San Diego County Office of Education. The purpose of the contest is to encourage and showcase innovative uses of video in education. Entries created for the contest must address one of the grade level California State Standards.

Students from Ms. Kluch's class created a video for this year's IVIE contest. The video was about writing small moment narrative pieces. Students were involved in brainstorming ideas for the video, script writing, operation of the camera, acting, directing as well as creating title slides throughout the video. The video making process was exciting for all students and really reinforced the material that students had been learning in class. The entry from Torrey Pines was submitted on April 9th and over the next few weeks we will learn if our entry is nominated for further recognition. If nominated, students will be invited to attend a red carpet event scheduled to take place sometime at the end of May.

In other classrooms, assorted technical problems were address in the classrooms of Ms. Hilsen, Ms. Kluch, Ms. Bell and Ms. Randi.

Grade 1: Students in Grade 1 have been working in the computer lab to create Teacher Appreciation projects for their teachers. Their work involves using Tux Paint and Microsoft Word. Students who finish their work early, have the opportunity to work on Dance Mat Typing, a online typing program by BBC.