Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 11

The laptop cart continues to get used by Mrs. White's class as they continue their work on the states brochures. In addition, Ms. Jabbour's class has checked out several of the laptops for classroom work.

Grade 3: In the computer lab, 3rd grade students participated in a hands-on explorations of the concept of symmetry by creating beautiful symmetrical designs using the online paint program Sumo Paint ( The designs that the students made were absolutely stunning! Student designs can be viewed and downloaded from the Grade 3 computer lab dropio website.

Grade 4: 4th grade students completed their assignments in which they typed up several paragraphs related to how the wireless internet works. For this project, students brought in clip art and formatted the document to produce a professional looking document. Students were required to bold text, change fonts, center, create double spacing, right justify text, insert and resize clipart as part of the assignment. Students also learned the difference between hardware and software plus learned what a processor and RAM is.

Grade 5: Students in grade 5 continued to work on a project in which they are creating a brochure that ties into the required 5th grade science curriculum. Students selected their planets, researched them and are beginning to create their brochure which advertise adventure travel trips to their planets.

5th Dimension: 4th and 5th grade students in the after-school 5th Dimension program participated in a newspaper scavenger hunt this week. They were asked to find items such as a compound word, a word that has at least syllables, the names of 4 countries in Europe, the names of 3 countries in Africa, a homophone, a homonym and many other items that helped to reinforce their classroom learning. Students worked as a team with their UCSD buddies and really enjoyed the game! The 2nd and 3rd grade students played bingo using cards that had the vocabulary words that they had learned so far this year. They also loved playing the game with help from their UCSD buddies.