Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week 12

The laptop cart continues to be used by Mrs. White's class as they make progress on their states brochures. Next week, Mrs. Gillespie's class will use the laptop cart to start creating Powerpoint slideshows. (Week of 4/28 and 5/1 - students not visiting computer lab due to STAR testing. Laptop cart used by Ramirez, Devore, Saldivar, Gillespie, White. Second laptop cart is up and running).

Grade 3: In the computer lab, 3rd grade students received a review lesson on proper keyboarding technique. Student spent time keying in words as they were announced. They also spent time trying to advance through the Type to Learn keyboarding software. Children who had completed at least 10 keyboarding lessons were encouraged to use the keyboard covers.

Grade 4: In observance of National Poetry Month and Earth Day, 4th grade students composed acrostic poems using the letters in the words “Earth Day”. Once the poems were composed, students created word collages from the words in their poems using a website called “wordle”. Completed poems have been uploaded to the 3rd grade website. From, poems can be downloaded and printed.

Grade 5: Students in grade 5 continued to work on a project in which they are creating a brochure that ties into the required 5th grade science curriculum. Students selected their planets, researched the planet and are beginning to create their brochure in which they advertise adventure travel trips to their planets. Students are creating their brochures in Microsoft Word.
5th Dimension: 2nd and 3rd grade students in the after-school 5th Dimension program participated in a newspaper scavenger hunt this week. They were asked to find items such as a compound word, a word that has at least syllables, the names of 2 countries in Europe, the names of 2 countries in Africa along with many other items that helped to reinforce their classroom learning. Students worked as a team with their UCSD buddies and really enjoyed the game! The 4th and 5th grade students began working on a Reader’s Theatre play. Student divided into groups and decided on their parts. They also began making props. Students will work on this project for several weeks.