Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 3, 2009-2010

This week, students in Ms. White's Grade 2/3 class, began adding narration to their digital story projects. Students took great pride in narrating their stories, and really enjoyed seeing their stories come to life. The digital story projects will be ready for publishing next week. Weekly rotations continued in the lab. In addition to the laptop cart being used for digital stories, the cart was also used this week by students in the fifth grade to type up narrative stories.

Here's a summary of what students did this week in the lab.

Grade 1: Students in Grade 1 continued working on their "5 Senses" charts, using the program Drawing for Children. Students learned how to load saved files as well as practiced saving their work.

Grade 3: Students in Grade 3 were reminded about proper keyboarding technique and the importance of keeping fingers on the home keys. Letters F, J, R and U were introduced this week.

5th Dimension: Students in the after-school program began working on curriculum related software games with their UCSD buddies. Students are getting to know their UCSD buddies and having lots of fun!