Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 4, 2009-2010

Finishing touches were put on digital stories for Ms. White's class. Students in Mrs. Baniaga's class were busy creating pictures for their digital stories. 5th Grade Science students used the laptops to complete online simulations on the water cycle and evaporation. For the water cycle simulation, students followed a water molecule as it made its way through the water cycle. In the evaporation simulation, students used what they had learned in class to test the effect of humidity, temperature and surface area on evaporation rates.

Here is a summary of what students did in the computer lab this week.

Grade 1: Students in Grade 2 completed their senses charts using the software program "Drawing for Children". Additional practice using the mouse was also given.

Grade 3: Students in Grade 3 continued to advance in Type to Learn. The goal for the week was to reach Lesson 4. As always, proper technique was emphasized.

5th Dimension: Much time was spent this week testing and adding 5th Dimension games to the lab computers. Students have been making progress with the help of their UCSD buddies on the computer learning games