Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 5, 2009-2010

This past weekend I was thrilled to attend the San Diego Computer Using Educators Conference held in El Cajon, California. At the conference I was able to learn about many exciting web based application and projects that I hope to bring into the classrooms. Workshops I attended at the conference helped me to build knowledge in movie-making, project based learning, student engagements, ways of building online tutorials and more. One of the applications that I am especially excited about trying out is an application called Jing. With the help of Jing, a person can capture whatever is on the computer screen and use it to create online tutorials.

Back at Torrey Pines, the laptop carts were used by Mr. Ramirez’s class to type narrative stories. In addition, the following activities took place:

Grade 1: Students in Grade 1 learned about the different parts of a computer. A cover was removed from one of the computers. Students were excited to see the boards, chips, wires and other parts that made up the inside of the computer. A slideshow was made of the “5 Senses Charts” that had been completed by the 1st grade students last week. The slideshow was shown to the students during computer time. Students loved seeing their work projected on the big screen!

Grade 3: Students in Grade 3 continued learning keyboarding with Type to Learn. A one minute test was administered to some students. Mrs. Baniaga’s class came to the computer lab, but did not work on keyboarding this week. Mrs. Baniaga’s class used their time in the Computer Lab to begin their digital stories.

5th Dimension: Students in the after-school program, continued working on educational games with their UCSD tutors.